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26 Apr 2012
Image by Sonja Georgevich 2012

Singer-songwriter Alexa Wilding has beguiled audiences for years with her haunting voice, cutting edge style and singular noir folk. Called "the neo-Stevie Nicks" by The New York Times, her two albums - 2009's self-titled debut and 2012's Coral Dust - feature "moody fables over a dark-tinged spray of watercolor sounds" (Time Out New York).

Confessional, mystical and tinged in Americana, both efforts feature support from Wilding's longtime collaborator, Tim Foljahn (Cat Power, Thurston Moore, Townes Van Zandt) and Television's Fred Smith. A native New Yorker, Wilding cut her teeth as a side woman in Int'l Shades, an art-rock project with former Pussy Galore/Sonic Youth drummer, Bob Bert and Live Skull's Mark C. Tagged as "one of music's hippest chicks" alongside Florence + The Machine (New York Post), she has been featured as one to watch in Bust Magazine, Dossier Journal, NYLON and Harper's Bazaar amongst others. Her music reached a national audience while on tours with Au Revoir Simone, Ben Lee and Jennifer O'Connor, and overseas via her video collaborations with Scandinavian art and fashion label, Ivana Helsinki. Currently at work on new material, she lives in New York City with her husband and their new twin boys.

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“...the neo Stevie Nicks...”

—New York Times

“One of music’s hippest chicks [alongside Florence + the Machine].”

—New York Post

“One of our favorite singer-songwriters...if you haven't heard of Alexa Wilding yet, you will soon.”


“Her musical sensibility is hard to describe; she has a bit of Kate Bush, a bit of freak folk, and a bit of Stevie Nicks in her, and her singing and guitar playing are both really powerful tools that are very much under her control.”

—Ben Lee to Magnet

“... a singular songstress who places moody fables over a dark-tinged spray of watercolor sounds.”

—Time Out

“Would Alexa Wilding's entrancing folk be just as gently hypnotic if she had a cardboard box for a face? Her sweet voice is a delicate, powerful instrument with enough character to set it apart...So yes: Wilding may not need her striking looks but they certainly don't hurt.”

—San Francisco Weekly

“Some people are born for it.”


“There is a timelessness to songstress Alexa Wilding. A unique meld of Victorian refinement, quintessential folk emanations sprung from the likes of Joan Baez, and modern day Brooklyn polish...[her] debut album is a mesmerizing, verging on haunting, listening experience that carries over threefold into her live performances.”

—FILLER (Toronto)

“Her compelling lyrics and faint guitar stroking, combined with a hint of the hardness of rock 'n' roll, offered a listening experience that was as unique as the songstress herself.”

—Santa Barbara Independent

“Wilding keeps company with an acoustic guitar, creating a dreamy folk sound with a sultry twist.”


“Her beautiful tunes were filled with heartfelt lyrics, expert guitar plucking, and an angelic voice that's as near to perfection as you can ask for. Her presence onstage makes the whole experience feel that much more if it were just her singing only to you in the room.”

—Meet You At The Show (Montreal)